Rafauli DC (Bekasi)

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Jl. Science Boulevard, Jayamukti, Kec. Cikarang Pusat, Bekasi
We have three pools, each pool has a different depth, kalom which is intended for athletes training, so it has been determined inside, a small pool has a depth of 160 cm, olimpic pool has a depth of 250 cm and a high jump pool has a depth of 600 cm, is not recommended to bring the family to swim in this pool, except accompanied by a swimming instructor.
Ready to Courses for License and sertification diving, come to join with us at Rafauli Dive Center
- Scuba Diver
- Advanced
- Rescue
- Master Scuba
- Specialty
- ITC (Instructor Training Course)
- First Aid (CPR)
- BCD                 Rp.  40.000,-
- Regulator       Rp.  40.000,-
- Tank               Rp.  50.000,-
- Weightbelt     Rp.  20.000,-
- Wetsuit          Rp.  25.000,-
- Fin                  Rp.  20.000,-
- Mask              Rp. 15.000,-
The admission pool Rp.  50.000,-

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- 0896-4368-5111

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